Eme's Light trolly guide

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Eme's Light trolly guide

Post by ems on Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:38 pm

Heya all! So I was asked to make a short guide to controlling the way I do it. Everyone is feel to disagree and there are definitely many ways to doing it right, but here's my build and how I've found to be most effective at what I do. Any suggestions and criticism are ofc welcome. ^^

My whole power selection is:

Support up to Light Barrier, plus Recharge and Group Shielding.
Assault up to Chompers and Snap Trap. From Iconics I picked the +25 dom, +50 vit / +100 power, +3% crit chance, +10% crit dmg.

I use bows for weapons, and the other skills are just random other skill trees with bonus to vitality, if there's +might or +crit chance in there, I pick those too.

Now the actual guide.

My ability bar has these:

1. Light Claws

Light Claws is the obvious attack and power regen, which can be comboed to most of the other Light powers I've picked. My favorite attack combo is lunge + Claws + hold button Claws attack + Ram + Snap Trap. Instead of Snap Trap, when there's many mobs or a boss that Snap won't work on, I typically go for Whip Trash + Hand Clap instead.

2. Chompers

Chompers does very little damage, but as CC it's amazing. Instead of bubbles, it panics the mobs where they stop attacking, but can still be damaged. I've found it a great way to mitigate the mob damage when the tank or the healer is having trouble, or when there's a huge number of adds so I can reduce the first incoming spike damage.

3. Light Barrier

This one's kinda self-explanatory. It also releases you from CC so remember not to waste energy on breaking hold if you're going to use Barrier anyway. It reflects the damage and can soak up quite a bit in the few seconds it's on. Freeze's entire devastating attack goes into the shield for instance, so it's a great way to protect yourself in panic. Also, I must've revived a hundred teammates when others couldn't by using this to prevent incoming damage from interrupting my rezzing attempts. Just always pop it on before rezzing just in case. Smile

4. Swoop Attack (flight)

This is just my choice, gives mobility and knockdown, but honestly, I recommend a full controller to use something else instead. I just love mobility, plus this way I get to use the same build in PvP too where Swoop is basically mandatory for survival. ^^

5. Recharge

You all know it, we all love it!

6. Group Shielding

Some people and guides recommend Strafing Run instead, for the huge aoe damage it has. Personally, I've saved my group from useless deaths and even wipes so many times with Group Shielding that I won't be switching away from it. I tend to think the tank and dps can handle mobs anyway, and with Chompers you can mitigate their damage enough to not need Strafing Run. Most of all though, Group Shielding is *really* strong. It soaks probably 3 times as much damage as Light Barrier and really helps the healer a great deal in those panic situations.

Now, I've tried pretty much all the ranged weapons, and to me bows seem the obvious choice. They have great versatility, you're almost never locked in animations unlike with the rifle for instance, which means you're free to move all over all the time, you do good damage, and all the animations can be canceled into powers which gives you instant reactions all the time.

Then, gameplay:

As a controller, your most important role at all times is to keep the power up. *Never* compromise power for groupmembers for damage, unless you know the fight and the boss, and you know you can afford it. Always have the power regen icon up, always use recharge if your healer is running low even if it takes you completely out of power.

With Jago's advice, I typically tend to recharge even DPS until I'm down to about 60% power. from there I can spam Flurry (bow attack) to combo up to 25 for the "great" power regen, and by that point my power is almost full anyway which means I can spam more recharge. Over time, rotating between recharges and getting the hit counter up like that gives the best power over time to the group. Of course, if there's a sudden panic or the healer needs power, stop comboing and recharge.

If the tank is running low on power, I can go as low as 40% for him too, but the rest and my trinket (+350 vit for 10 seconds) I always keep reserved for when the healer needs it. Because when the healer is getting low on power, death is close. At that point everyone else is overusing their powers anyway. So when it gets to that point, I pop the trinket and start spamming recharge and sometimes even colas like no tomorrow. Also, the regular power regen power recovers more power per tick when you use it with the trinket on (i'm 99% sure of this, but I haven't really confirmed it anywhere).

With questions or suggestions, I'll prolly update this in the future. Smile Thanks for reading!


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